Weight Loss and iPhones

24 May 2009
Posted by jcfiala

It was with considerable surprise that I weighed in at Weight Watchers yesterday morning and was told that I'd lost another pound. I hadn't been really concentrating on my diet for the last two weeks - since the last time I'd weighed in - and although I had generally kept away from the fattening and rich stuff, I hadn't totally. But apparently I'd been good enough, and my official tally at WW went up to 10.8 pounds lost.

I say 'official' because my usual weight has been floating at around 360 pounds, or a bit over that, for a while. It's sort of my natural fat weight - it's what I had been weighing before I started WW the first time back in 2003 or so, and it's what I would usually see at the Doctor. But when I first weighed in back in February or so, I was already down to 339.8, a fact that astounded me. (I don't weigh myself at home since an embarrassing incident where I broke a brand new scale after stepping on it.) So, officially I've lost over ten pounds, and unofficially I figure I've lost over 30. In another six or seven pounds I'll 'officially' be at my 5% weight loss target, and at the same time unofficially be at 10% off. That's a pretty significant amount - last time, 10% was a point where I really started seeing some positive health benefits from losing the weight.

In other news, I recently went to a very beginner iPhone programming class, taking along a mac that my nice boss let me borrow, and is still letting me borrow. I liked what I saw, so I picked up 'iPhone Application Development for Dummies' at B&N on Friday, and I'm powering my way through it. Already read 5 of the first 6 chapters, although I skipped chapter 3 because I'm already an official developer through work. After I finish decompressing from mowing the lawn, I'm going to grab it up again and try and finish chapter 7.