Freelancing: The Early Days

03 Oct 2009
Posted by jcfiala

A little over three weeks ago i set into motion my big gamble - stepping away from pingVision, and starting life as a freelance consultant. I'm not really able to go into all of the reasons, but partially it's a test - can I go out on my own and find my own way, without a company supporting what I do?

And, so far it's launched very nicely. My first client has been SpireMedia, here in downtown Denver, where I've been assisting them with an ubercart site with a large number of customizations, starting with working in three currencies and custom shipping costs, moving all the way to some interesting ways of presenting and offering discounts... which have already lead to one patch for uc_discounts_alt, and probably leading to more later.

And as that contract starts to wind down I'm looking to see what else I can help out with - I've completed a small bounty that came up in the forums for, I've got another short contract for an ubercart customization in the wings... and an integration with an outside system that I haven't seen the details for yet.

The obvious common theme here is the ubercart module, a plugin for Drupal which provides a very strong and flexible e-commerce system, but which there seems to be a lot of need for help with. My current thoughts are that I'm going to try and have a specialization in it, working on learning more about that. As part of that, I think I might start a series of posts about using ubercart, and try and help people learn how to use it better.

And if you're looking for help with a website, Drupal or otherwise, feel free to contact me! I also do desktop applications.