Just Between Friends - Consignment Shop Happiness

24 Sep 2011
Posted by jcfiala

Had a lovely day out today, including some time spent at our friends Mike and Anna's house for some gaming and conversation.

Couldn't stay late, though, as we had a free invite to a 'Just Between Friends' event. I don't remember if I mentioned this before, but it's pretty awesome for a new parent - they're a periodical consignment shop entirely about the new parent. We'd already bought quite a lot of great baby stuff from them, but one of the things they're really wizard with is clothing - outfits for 1-4 dollars apiece blows away the prices in the malls. This time we went through and got:

  1. A new carseat and base for $15. (I was going to get just the base, but those were $20. Go figure!)
  2. A box of about 166 size 1 diapers for $20.
  3. About 15-17 outfits, god knows, really
  4. A changing table pad to put Rose on so she doesn't roll off downstairs, $4
  5. And a little plastic cage to wash baby bottle bits in, for a buck.

Basically, in total, $86 for what we bought, and another $5 for the parking, as it's over at the National Western Stockshow, and there's no free parking around there. But if you're in Denver, they're around for about a week.

Used clothes (and other baby stuff) is a life-saver when you've got a kid whose clothes sizes are rated in months. Yay frugality!