So, it's a Heck of a Day

20 Sep 2012
Posted by jcfiala

Two big things happened today.

The first, is that my wife Tammy flew off with little Rose to visit her family in North Carolina. She's got a lot of family members down there, and they're all going to spoil that kid good and rotten. On the other hand, I get to go bachelor for a bit. My two big plans are to see 'The Dark Knight Returns' and attend BrethrenCon.

The second is that I turned in notice at, and I've accepted a new position at SpireMedia. I'm looking forward to the new job - I once consulted at Spire, and we liked each other so much that we've been trying to get together for another job since then. This is going to be a lot of fun.

Oh, and my D&D game got cancelled due to a few people not showing up, which sucks a little, but I think I'll live.