Gaming weekend with Tacticon!

01 Sep 2013
Posted by jcfiala

An interesting weekend for gaming. This weekend is Tacticon/Railcon, the big train gaming event, so my wife went off to play and left me with Rose for two days. Which has been fun, but I'm already worn out. (The first day was Friday, so today she's spending time at home.)

With Rose both tired and a handful, I wasn't really able to visit the dealer's room at the convention when we dropped by yesterday, but I did pause momentarily at the table that Black & Read had to pick up the latest expansion for Netrunner. (I've been picking up the expansions, but haven't really had a chance to play. I probably should try playing online, but haven't been motivated to yet.)

Amusingly, it was a very good weekend for Kickstarter rewards. Earlier this week I got a bunch of pdf downlaods for FATE, on Thursday my copy of 'Sense of the Slight of Hand Man' arrived (with a copy of The Unspeakable Oath 22); on Friday I got the latest Gaming Paper dungeon; and finally on Saturday my copy of Deadwood Studios arrived. Yay!

And now I've gotten my copy of the City of Angles ebook from that kickstarter - not in a format I like, but there's mobi and calibre should convert that for me... I just need to install Calibre and convert it.

I used to have Calibre installed, but recently built a new computer to replace my old one, which was Vista-era... probably 2006? So far I don't seem to have lost any data, although there's an extension to a mush program that I'd written that I seem to be missing. In fact, I found a bunch of data on an old external hard drive which I'd lost. Amusingly I couldn't hook a DVI-to-analog converter up to the second monitor slot on my new graphics card, but I happened to have a couple monitors I was given at Examiner that work just fine, and I initially thought I would have to get a new printer as the new motherboard didn't have a serial port, but while putting the printer away I discovered an old USB port in the back as well, so I'm back to using the same hp deskjet 940c that I've been using for close to a decade.

I'd replace my other monitor, but it's still working just fine. I don't know what's up with Acer monitors from so long ago, but they just won't die. I'll have to figure out what I want to do with the monitor I used to use on my desk.