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I like crowdfunding. Especially Kickstarter.

I love the idea of it. It's hard to make something interesting and cool these days - it costs serious money to make something, even something that's not meant to be pernament, so why not come up with a way to let a lot of folks who are interested put in a little money to help make it happen? If you can't find 1000 fans to put in $10, then maybe you should try something else, and if you can find those thousand people - or two thousand, or five, then something really cool can happen.

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Boy, having a kid changes how you do stuff.

Way back a year ago, before I had had to stop freelancing to get insurance, I was a fairly early user of http://www.kickstarter.com/, enjoying searching the site and finding things to put money down on. This was way before the explosion of board game kickstarters, and so when the kickstarter for Rolling Freight showed up I was all in on a copy. For one, my wife runs the train gaming at GenghisCon and is a major train gamer, and I thought she'd probably find having a copy of this useful. For another, I had a lot of disposable income when I was freelancing. I figured it would have been a great Christmas present for Tammy last year, but production of the game dragged on, and amusingly enough I got the package only a few days shy of the first anniversary of when the kickstarter finished.

Technoir Kickstarter

04 Jun 2011
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This is interesting - I found it via Evil Hat's blog.

Technoir is a rules light game set up with the sort of cyberpunk and hard boiled roleplaying, using a rules-light system using tags. There's a Kickstarter that's already made it's nut, but there's also a Website for the game, where you can download the beta version of it.

If you do nothing else, check out the vid that Jeremy Keller made for his kickstater - it's really good.

I'm not certain I'm going to buy into the kickstarter yet, but I'm considering it.

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Here's the list of the 50 best core rules, as scored on RPG.net, bold the ones you own. (Picked up from chadu's livejournal.)

1 Nobilis (8.31)
2 Spirit of the Century (8.25)
3 King Arthur Pendragon (8.14)
4 Unknown Armies (8.13)
5 Call of Cthulhu (7.95)
6 Feng Shui: Action Movie Roleplaying (7.93)
7 Mutants & Masterminds (7.75)
8 Over the Edge (7.7)
9 Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (7.68)
10 Paranoia (7.68)

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Sadly, no Avatar for me today. I totally underestimated the demand to see the film on 11:50 on a Sunday, and so when we finally arrived, shows were sold out until 11pm! So, Tammy and I will have to wait until we get back from North Carolina to sit and watch it. (Tammy's family lives in a nice place, but I'm willing to bet money there isn't IMAX any closer than Raleigh.)

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So, my copy of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition arrived today, and it's huge! A bock packed with all sorts of things, and I haven't had time to really look at it yet.

But Jingoro has figured out what to do with it...

Fight On! A Magazine

28 Mar 2009
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I'm not sure if I initially realized how great a loss it was when Dragon magazine retreated from the world of print (and newstands) to become a purely digital offering. I know in the past I've been a great fan of digital releases of RPG materials such as games and supplements, but that's an attitude I've slowly been becoming less happy with. When I first was able to buy digital games, I went in whole hog and bought a lot of them... and then barely read any of them.

New Gaming Stuff

20 Feb 2009
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Although I did get some interesting-looking games at GenghisCon - where I was coordinating the RPGs this year, and thus didn't get to play - what I've been looking forward to just arrived in the mail yesterday, although I didn't notice the slim package until I walked out this morning. And that's the 'White Box' edition of Swords & Wizardry along with the first two issues of 'Fight On', all sent from Lulu.