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Views Demo Site

10 Oct 2010
Posted by jcfiala

Hello folks.

This page contains links to the drupal website Music Wow!, which is meant as a website with content to use to demo creating various types of views. It contains two major content types, Artists and Albums. Although the front page doesn't show any content, there is content in the site.

This site was made up in aegir as views.localhost - if you want to use it, you'll want to replace the included settings.php with the default.settings.php as in setting up a new site. You can move everything to sites/default instead of sites/views.localhost if you want to go that way, but remember that you need to move the contents of sites/views.localhost/files to sites/default/files.

Update: The user 1 is username "admin" password "password"

Posted by jcfiala

Setting up a view these days with Views2 can get you 90-95% of the way to what your client, or you, want, but sometimes you've got to go in and make a few tweaks to customize a view to what's needed. One hook that's useful for customizing is hook_views_pre_execute(&$view).

In this helpful hook, you can add something to the foot of your view by using the $view->attachment_after property and setting it to the proper html, or to the head by using the $view->attachment_before property. You can also adjust what the view is doing, and since this is before the query execution, you can easily change settings such as the number of rows being returned.